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Bring new life to your space

Epoxy flooring systems are highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and very durable, making them the best choice for your home or business. We offer a wide variety of color treatments with a high-strength petroleum-based epoxy resin to create a safe, durable, easy to clean, and decorative alternative for garages, basements, and other concrete applications – both new and old.
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How we do it

Transform your dull and dingy floor into a showroom quality surface

How We Do It

The process

The entire process generally takes 2 to 3 days, depending upon the type of floor treatment you choose, resulting in very little downtime for your business or garage. 24 hours after the last day of work, the floor will be cured sufficiently for foot traffic, and in 72 hours, the floor will be ready for your vehicle and household items.

*Your installation could take three days depending on the condition of the original floor and how much repair needs to be done.

  • DAY 1Preparation and installation

    We diamond grind and/or shot blast the floor to remove a thin layer of concrete to create a profile for the base coat to mechanically bond to. Cracks, pitting, or other damages are repaired, and a base coat of epoxy with a moisture barrier is applied and flakes (full or partial) are added.

  • DAY 2Finishing

    We sweep and scrape up any extra flakes and apply a polyaspartic clear coat with a small broadcast of quarts for slip resistance.

Our guarantee

Oncrete Solutions offers multiple systems that are designed to fit your budget and application. Our flooring systems offer ease of cleaning and do not require waxing, stripping, or labor-intensive upkeep. We offer a non-slip high traction topcoat that meets the National Flooring Safety Institutes (NFSI) requirements and also protects your epoxy flooring from harsh chemicals, fuels, and fluids.


5-year limited warranty to cover workmanship and product failure, which includes yellowing, bubbling, or delimitation of the clear coat.